So We Lost Paradise, Selected Poems of Juan Cameron

Juan Cameron remains one of the leading contemporary poets in Chile. This book contains the last translations made by the award-winning Cola Franzen before her death this year, culminating a decades-long connection with Cameron and his poetry. So We Lost Paradise presents poems ranging from the whole span of his writing career, first under the Pinochet repression, and exile in Sweden, and then since his return to Valparaiso.

Published by Cold Hub Press in New Zealand, this book is “redolent of rain-showers and thunderclaps.”

At only 9.99 this book is a steal for one of poetry’s international greats! You can thank Jim Kates of Zephyr Press for bringing us the book!

Jim Kates is a minor poet, a literary translator and the president and co-director of Zephyr Press. He has been awarded three National Endowment for the Arts Fellowships, an Individual Artist Fellowship from the New Hampshire State Council on the Arts, the Cliff Becker Book Prize in Translation for the Selected Poems of Mikhail Yeryomin (White Pine Press, 2014) and a Käpylä Translation Prize for translations of Aigerim Tazhi. He has published three chapbooks of his own poems: Mappemonde (Oyster River Press)Metes and Bounds (Accents Publishing) and The Old Testament (Cold Hub Press) and a full book, The Briar Patch (Hobblebush Books). He is the translator ofThe Score of the Game  and An Offshoot of Sense by Tatiana Shcherbina; Say Thank You and Level with Us by Mikhail Aizenberg; When a Poet Sees a Chestnut TreeSecret Wars, and I Have Invented Nothing by Jean-Pierre Rosnay; Corinthian Copper by Regina Derieva; Live by Fire by Aleksey Porvin; Thirty-nine Rooms, by Nikolai Baitov; Genrikh Sapgir’s Psalms — and Muddy River, a selection of poems by Sergey Stratanovsky. He is the translation editor ofContemporary Russian Poetry, and the editor of In the Grip of Strange Thoughts: Russian Poetry in a New Era.  A former president of the American Literary Translators Association, he is also the co-translator of six books of Latin American and Spanish poetry.