UNDER CoNsTrUcTiOn.... We're Reorganizing

Thank you to everyone who chose to shop with us over this holiday season! You’ve made us hopeful as we keep growing and chugging. Look out in the new year for a smattering of neat-o announcements and new projects on the horizon. In the meantime, we (me, Elysia) want to apologize for the state of the vinyl collection. We’ve been open almost every day (-turkey day and xmas) since we started, and it’s hard to square away time for the CONSTRUCTION portion of things, ie. the fact that I personally live with over 8k vinyl at my home while another heck-ton sit unorganized in the shop’s basement. Cataloguing and sorting vinyl is a big job but we’re getting it done! Ultimately, this is just to say, thanks for your continued patience, love, and support. These first 6 months have been wonderful!

P.S. We’ve also eaten all the plums in the icebox. They were great!