Explore new music and win free concert tickets!

For your delight, we've started sneaking what I like to call, "easter eggs" into our inventory. If you really take the time to explore our collection, you'll stumble upon little notes attached to what our staff considers the best underappreciated vinyl on the floor. These notes contain brief, sometimes humorous reviews of the albums. However, for an added bonus, a few of the easter egg albums also have concert tickets hidden in the sleeves! We want you to have fun in the shop so, go buck. Look for the easter egg albums, take your new faves to the listening station, and maybe score a concert on us. Here is a gallery of our reviews thus far so you can get a sense of the excitement. First up for this experiment are some picks by Kelsey Simpson, Mistress of Zines, 80's synth, and all things anarchist punk.

Tickets up for grabs this round are OAR on August 28th and Jeff Beck and Paul Rodgers on August 10th!