Local CD from Bill Corder Now In Store!

Here’s a little story from Bill about the album, and the inspiration behind it! Don’t miss him this First Friday 2/1/2019 at the Irving Theater!

I got kicked out of choir in 5th grade at St. Catherine of Sienna School near the corner of Raymond and Shelby Streets in south Indianapolis. My voice had started to break and I seemed to sound sharp and flat at the same time. I was devastated I really liked choir.

When I began my freshman year of high school at the Latin School on Stevens Street in 1963 I still couldn't sing but I was determined to learn to play the guitar and start a folk group. I loved Peter Paul and Mary, the Highwaymen and a few others especially Phil Ochs. I knew he was telling the truth. And of course Bob Dylan. I found 6 other presemenarians to share the stage at the southside K of C.

We billed ourselves as the "Magnificent  7" and each received a commemorative  plaque. A few months later we were down to six members and  we dubbed ourselves The "Couriers" and played all over central Indiana. I remember one church fish fry in Battleground where we played for over 200 people. I know that we made enough so that we still had money for Arby's the next day.  And all the while I still can't sing.

We took our senior trip in August of 1967. We got into Manhattan on a Monday afternoon. It was either the 7,14,21st. or the 28th. I'm not sure which. Anyway I had a heck of a time talking them into playing the open stage that night at The Bitter End. I finally nagged enough and we took the subway from Midtown down to the Village. When we walked in around 6pm the light was slanting through the windows and onto the famous brick wall behind the stage. Yep the same wall that is behind PP&M on their first album.{There might be a copy in the store right now}. We sang, well they sang ,we played 3 or 4 songs and we got a good response which kind of surprised me because it was obvious that straight folk was over. Dylan had gone electric 3 years before. The manager asked. "Do you know anymore songs?" I said, "WE KNOW LOTS MORE SONGS!" He said, "Just play one." Ouch.

We played "Well,Well, Well." which we learned from a Highwaymen's record. We floated back to the hotel. That was pretty much our last gig. I put the guitar down for many, many years.

Fast forward to 1998 and my eldest son is learning the guitar and writing songs. I'm very interested and pick it up again myself. I started to teach myself to sing again. I slowly realized that hearing yourself correctly is key. I kept at it and with the help of many singer/songwriters I met at Chubby's

Club LaSalle from '98 until about 2003{ for me} I have now released my fourth album with "Songster '49". 15 songs of pure muscle and bone that took me 13 years to write. I assure you I sing on key throughout. It is my homage to the giants who came before us. We each can take a little bit out of the well of all our songs add our own flavor and pour it back in. It’s our America and our Americana.

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