So you’d like to book the shop! Here’s the deal with that. Since we’re very dedicated to being a community space, we wanted to create more of a barter type system when it comes to booking events. Essentially, in order to cover costs on our end, we’d like to be making $75 an hour that the shop hosts an event. This fee can be made up of shop sales during your event or donations to the shop during your event. You’ll then only be responsible for the remainder sum should you not reach the total cost of $75 per hour for rental.

So you have a great event idea but don’t know how to get started! Using her 8+ years of experience booking and organizing events, Elysia (our owner) is happy to sit down and consult with anyone interested in using the space. You’ll receive tips on marketing/promotion, finding money to pay rental fees and to pay yourself (ie sponsorship), and providing value to attendees.

Email to learn more about using the space!