In today's world, publishing and the distribution of books, zines, comics, etc. is under attack. We live in a conservative state that does not place importance on education or the spread of creative materials. Brick and mortar stores are nearly extinct, especially those offering a window into counter-culture or more plainly, the world outside of Barnes & Noble. That's where Gluestick comes in.

The Gluestick community works together through zine making workshops, poetry readings, free markets, and collaborative discussion. Irvington Vinyl & Books is set up much like a living room or den. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to spend time within the store to browse, create, and essentially have a place to be. As a collective we recognize that there aren’t many places within Indianapolis where one can just “be” nor is there a counter-culture hub within the city. It is our hope that through providing a community space we will be able to enrich the lives of others and provide a vehicle for creative inclinations.

Before founding Gluestick, Kelsey Simpson was an Editorial Assistant and Music Correspondent at NUVO. Currently, outside of curating zines for Irvington Vinyl & Books, she is one of three editors at Vulcher Magazine (which is published and distributed worldwide through Gluestick). She has extensive experience in working with the all ages music community, with the homeless, and as a librarian both in the Marion County Public Library and as a distro librarian. She has dedicated her life to this form of activism and much of her success has come from working within the Irvington Neighborhood, as well as Fountain Square.