Meet our Volunteers!


Stevie Norman

Stevie is an Irvington fox / They worry about what socks to wear with that outfit / They bit their nails until they didn't anymore / For years until they recognized their own hands / Looking and looking for / A palmistry for putting together stunning outfits / For pages / Envelopes left open / Foxing / They live right around the corner, spiritually and perpetually / Ask them about cats, cranes, turtles, goats, hedgehogs, lilacs, and other compatriots.

You can find Stevie at the shop every other Wednesday from 5-7 and many other moments in between!

Margarette Webb

Margarette is an Indianapolis native offering intuitive birth chart and tarot readings. She began her journey with tarot and astrology over four years ago and believes that tarot and astrology are tools that can lead us to having better compassion towards, and acceptance of, ourselves. Her own spiritual practice is built on her relationship with Nature. This practice includes frequent hikes and counts stargazing as Holy. Find Margarette at @hermitichealing on Instagram and Facebook.

Margarette is in the shop every Wednesday from 5-7 pm, along with Fridays from 11-2 am and many other moments in between!

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Ariane Cyusa

Ariane Cyusa is a poet and empathic healer. You can find her at the shop, Fridays from 11-2 pm.