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Spiritualism Saturday

This event will feature three different local psychics. It was developed by Margarette Webb of Hermitic Healing and will serve to bring together like-minded members of the spiritual and magic community in Indianapolis. Each reader will provide affordable readings to attendees (between $10-$15). We'll also have art and collage supplies for those who'd like to make affirmations for themselves as a memento of their reading. 

Margarette Webb's spirituality evolved as a way for her to better understand and therefore accept and love herself. Her practice, beyond introspection, is about faith. Faith that things get better, or rather, that your ability to create better circumstances (or bear existing conditions if you have to) will get better. Faith in herself faith and divinity itself, faith in her personal divinity. That's what her business is centered on, the idea that everyone can find this faith in themselves, for themselves. Find them on IG @HermiticHealing. 

Adept hand analyst, palm-reader, born intuitive, and natural shaman, Yale Bowman, makes himself available worldwide from his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana. His services are provided in-person, by phone, and online. Specializing in a style of personal intuitive guidance that transcends the realm of traditional psychic-mediumship readings, Yale irreverently accepts (and rejects) all titles, including: seer, medium, shaman, personal coach, psychic to the stars, and every-man's mystic. Learn more about Yale's spirituality here:

Malikah Briah is an Indianapolis-based tarot reader, dream interpreter, and Zen meditation guide. At the core of their work is a belief in the power of presence and practice. As we are constantly pulled away from attention to distraction, what do we have for the body, mind, spirit? Through their work they try to open people's eyes to their intuition, power, and light! Malikah Briah is available for personal sessions and can be contacted by email at