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How to Stop Being Scared and Start Publishing: A Workshop

This event will hopefully become a series. But after teaching and interacting in the Indianapolis creative writing community I've seen a lot of very talented individuals who aren't yet published--or who've never done a professional reading. I'd like to help change that.
If you're a local writer with a desire to perform and publish, this event is for you. We'll discuss everything from how to find the right literary journals for you, to how get comfortable with a microphone, and how to take up space on stage. 

I'll be using my eight years experience in the professional writing world to answer your questions and be a resource. 

For this first event: we'll discuss both how to know when work is ready to submit, and I'll give a quick and dirty guide to the world of publishing online. 

**If you're feeling brave, please bring one piece you consider finished or near complete to this event, along with your computer. By the end of this workshop, you'll have submitted your first work!


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