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UnLearn II: A Poetry Workshop Hosted by Chantel Massey

Happy New year again! I hope you all are off to a great start! Sometimes after the holidays it can be hard to jump start on some of the writing ideas in our head. I want to present to you the first workshop of many this year. This is the continuation of the UnLearn: Language Through Black Women Writers workshop series. It is a 3 hour 1 day intensive poetry workshop with intentional exploration of identifying black women writers deconstructing oppressive language in the literary canon through both contemporary and classic literary works with new activities, prompts, and more. We are the creators of our stories and define our narratives on our own terms. Designed to explore self-expression, identity, social/emotional learning, and self-esteem building, this workshop will utilize poetry, theater skills, literary writing skills, and discussion by looking at black women writers. We are the creators of our stories and define our narratives on our own terms. For those who have already come to Part I, this will definitely be different!

The Unlearn workshop's purpose is to inspire creativity, find voice, guide, and demonstrate conversations surrounding how black women writers use language in their literary works to reclaim, expose, and address shame, vulnerability, race, gender and more. We’ll be exploring the process of reclaiming voice through safe space, poetry, and more!

There will also be food and drinks.
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7$ donations
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