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First Friday ft Zines, Duncan Kissinger, and Woozles

This event will feature a brief zine reading and musical/introspectively artistic performances by Duncan Kissinger and visiting artists Woozles and Jennifer (Vinegar) Avery.

Duncan Kissinger is an artist and radio enthusiast focusing their work on emotional anthropology and the feeling you get when you think real hard about a very specific point and then turn away from it, which very well could be emotional anthropology actually. Notes of concern: Earnestness, Authenticity, Reconciliation.

It’s not uncommon for artists to struggle with putting a genre label to their music in this day and age. Now more than ever it seems, artists feel comfortable dipping into various aesthetics and styles, even in a single release. Solo project of Conor Ryan, Woozles, is an exemplary display of what beauty can result from this sort of eclectic approach. More electronic moments can switch from energetic and danceable (“hey! you!”) to dark and atmospheric (“all of it”) at the drop of a pin. Emo tinged pop-rock tracks like “under your skin” and “never love” reveal a louder side to the project; while songs like “the deal” and “pass thru” take a more tried and true approach to indie rock. Throw into the mix a few experimental, instrumental, and sample-ridden tracks: “confession” and the closer “inhale/exhale”. What results is kidz bopz vol. 666 - a charming collection of songs showcasing the vast rage of talent possessed by Woozles. Though the sonics may change from song to song, two things remain consistent throughout the project’s work - impeccable, emotive, and deeply thoughtful songwriting; and Conor Ryan’s notably deep, resonant, and rich vocals. These characteristics serve the project well; they act as a commonality among the wide ranging execution of genres. Ryan’s smooth, relaxation-inducing voice and poetic, introspective songwriting ability will anchor listeners to Woozles, regardless of whatever sonic realm the project finds itself in.